Built on quality

North Sea Shipping is owned by the Klepsvik and Økland families and headquartered in modern facilities in a prime waterside location in Bakkasund, Austevoll. With additional offices in Vigo, Spain, the business is focused on providing quality services through experienced, international personnel and first class assets.

Quality and an adherence to stringent standards define everything we do. Our vessels are operated and certified in accordance to the modern ISM code, emphasising optimal safety management, by experienced seamen that share our vision of delivering everyday excellence.

North Sea Shipping has built its reputation over more than three decades in the industry, successfully managing Construction, ROV/Survey, Seismic, Cable, IRM, and ocean going Fishing Vessels in demanding marine operations.

Today, our main focus centres upon IRM Multipurpose Vessels (inspection, repair and maintenance), Cable Vessels, Seismic Ships, and Supply Vessels.

Our standards are key to our success. North Sea Shipping operates in accordance to the Total Safety Management Concept, ensuring a broad and effective range of quality controls. Our quality assurance system, run in UNISEA marine software (based on ISO 9001/14001), plays a central role in maintaining its efficacy.

With North Sea Shipping quality comes as standard – for every individual, project, vessel and activity, everyday.