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North Sea Atlantic

The North Sea Atlantic provides a stable working platform for the most demanding offshore projects: her unrivalled lifting capacity and large deck space, combined with state-of-the-art navigation equipment, provides the versatility required for the modern subsea market. A multi-purpose construction vessel, The North Sea Atlantic is a cost efficient solution for a broad range of offshore activities, including pipe laying, subsea construction and surveying.

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North Sea Giant

Considering her size, the ship has unrivalled redundancy. North Sea Giant is an efficient multi-purpose vessel with supreme deck and crane capacity, alongside a unique power system. Her propellers and thrusters are tailor made for delivering a wide variety of demanding marine operations in deep and ultradeep waters.

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Atlantic guardian

The ship is designed and equipped for world wide operations and she is fitted out with diesel electric machinery system for drive of two main azimuth thrusters aft, One retractable Azimuth forward and two tunnel  thrusters fwd. Class II DP system and the most modern equipment for communication, vessel positioning and underwater position references. 

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North Sea Shipping assess environmental and social impact and seek to demonstrate good governance when making business decisions and carrying out operations.

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