North Sea Giant

North Sea Giant is amongst the largest and most advanced subsea construction vessels ever built. With North Sea Giant, a new level of advanced marine operation is at your service.

Considering her size, the ship has unrivalled redundancy. North Sea Giant is an efficient multi-purpose vessel with supreme deck and crane capacity, alongside a unique power system. Her propellers and thrusters are tailor made for delivering a wide variety of demanding marine operations in deep and ultradeep waters.

One of North Sea Giant’s landmark features is her outstanding crane capacity. The vessel is equipped with two active heave compensated knuckle boom offshore cranes from Cargo Tech. The midship crane has a capacity for 400 tons with 3,000 metres single line wire. The North Sea Giant offers the market one of the biggest knuckle booms cranes in the world. Her aft crane has a capacity of 50 tons with 2,000 metres single line wire.

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